Donna Seebo Interviews Walter J. Scherr


Donna Seebo Interviews Walter J. Scherr

Donna Seebo interviews Walter J. Scherr in this Podcast. You have reached your financial level of wealth and the freedoms that can come with it…now, what do you do? Walter, a self-made multi-millionaire will tell some of his secrets. 

Walter speaks about his life, his book, and his life philosophies.

To listen to Walter’s interview on iTunes go to:
Click on “9  #541 |  Walter Scherr… Walter’s Way.”
To Listen to Walter’s interview on Donna Seebo’s site:
Scroll all the way down to #541 May 05 2016 Thu-Walter S… and DON’T click the link, but rather check the box to the far right, scroll to the bottom and click Play; the interview should start to play in your default media player.
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