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Walter’s Way is part memoir; part guide to achieving success in your career; part inspirational model for discovering your life’s mission. Take a journey with Walter –a Depression era kid who survived tuberculosis and six years in a sanatorium to become a leader in the business community; a boardroom millionaire; and a key figure in the early days of the high-tech revolution..

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Introduction - Saving private Bowman

On the rain-swept bluffs overlooking Omaha Beach, I wept before the grave of a man I had never met.

It was October, 2014—and at the age of 90 I had finally made my way to the hallowed ground of the American Cemetery at Normandy: The final resting place for 9,387 souls, most of whom lost their lives in the fighting of June, 1944 and the months that followed.

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100% of Proceeds for Charities

Walter has been profiled in Fortune Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and  Newsday. He is a career businessman who participated in the tech boom of the 1990s, produced a Hollywood film, and helped set up a successful oil & gas company with his sons.

Inspired by a meeting with Mother Teresa — who told him to always “honor the caretakers” –, he has long been a philanthropist, and through the Vera and Walter and Scherr Foundation all proceeds from this book will be for the benefit of The Center for Discovery.

When people ask Walter what it takes to be happy, his response is always the same:

First, a moral code to follow.

Second, a cause to serve, and

Third, a goal to believe in.

About The Book
Aiden Quinn

Aidan Quinn

“A truly memorable book about a life more than well lived.”

(Aidan Quinn is a multi-nominated, award-winning actor.)

Patrick H. Dollard, President & CEO

Patrick H. Dollard

“Walter is more than just a benevolent soul. He’s a teacher of all the good things we should do with our gifts. We can all learn from the fascinating story he tells in these pages.”

George J. Todd, MD

“A fascinating and inspiring account of a remarkable life.”

(Chairman, Dept. of Surgery, Mount Sinai St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center.)

Father Jolly's GEMS

Walter Sherr speaks

Six of the Ten Commandments have to do with honor.

Father Jolly

Walter Sherr speaks

Good intentions are not a substitute for good actions.

Father Jolly on Actions

Walter Sherr

Getting old is not for sissies, it is a contact sport.

Father Jolly on Age

Walter Sherr speaks

When you contemplate any personal or business transactions, ask yourself if you would like to see in the local paper a critical reporting of your actions.

Father Jolly on Business

Walter Sherr speaks

What a man does when he is alone is a true test of his character.

Father Jolly on Character

Walter Sherr speaks

Dishonor is when a person asks you for a favor that has not earned it. Honor has to be earned.

Father Jolly on Honor

With kids

The gift of life is one of God’s greatest miracles.

Father Jolly on Life

Walter Sherr

The talent we have comes from God, and we will be accountable for how we use our talents.

Father Jolly on Talents

Walter Sherr speaks

The reward of wisdom is to recognize who should be honored.

Father Jolly on Wisdom


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