Chapter 8 Q & A: Walter’s Way


Chapter 8 Q & A: Walter’s Way

Walter’s life experience in Chapter 8 took an unexpected turn into the movie business, and a famous actor helped him secure distribution. The Q & A section extracts pertinent information from each chapter of his life and presents it as questions and answers. 

Walter’s Way 
Chapter 8

Q. What was Tony’s ultimate vision for Video Library Systems?
A. To buy out the rival company and monopolize the market.

Q. After the Matsushita debacle, Walter became much attuned to any signs that could negatively affect his business. How did he avoid losing more money and another company?
A. As soon as he became aware of a more consumer-friendly video system, he sold Video Library Systems to his rival company and got out of the business while he was ahead.

the movie business Q. Walter’s poker friends believed in him so much that they wanted to invest in the movie he was producing, Whatever It Takes. Why didn’t he want them to invest?
A. He didn’t know anything about making a movie, and he was afraid that if it failed, they would all lose their hard-earned savings.

Q. How much did it cost per unit to invest in the movie? Did the “poker boys” convince Walter to let them invest?
A. Each unit cost thirty-five million dollars, and each of the poker boys bought at least one unit.

Q. Which famous actor helped Walter find a distributor for the movie?
A. Telly Savalas.

Q. When and where did the movie premiere?
A. At the East-side Cinema in February, 1986.

Q. Was he able to pay back all his friends?
A. Yes, and they all enjoyed being part of the movie-making process.

Q. When friends and family believe in you and encourage you to follow your dreams, is that frightening or does it give you confidence?


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