Walter J. Scherr Selected to TAA/TAW 2016 Top Thought Leaders


Walter J. Scherr Selected to TAA/TAW 2016 Top Thought Leaders

Walter J. Scherr Selected to TAA/TAW’s 2016 Top Thought Leaders list. The awards program, now in its sixth year, celebrates professionals who are transforming the way organizations do business.

 Top thoughts leaders in trustTrust Across America-Trust Around the World (TAA-TAW) are global leaders in trust recognition.

Kimmel “The release of this year’s list coincides with the beginning of the fourth year of the formation of our Trust Alliance, a growing group of global professionals committed to learning about and advancing the cause of organizational trust.”

Many of this year’s honorees are well-known CEOs, authors, and leadership advisors, while others are quietly working behind the scenes as teachers and researchers.  Each honoree’s work has shined a spotlight on the importance of trust and has provided a road map for others to follow.

Walter J. Scherr is the author of WALTER’S WAY:  How A Relief Kid Survived TB, Corporate Betrayal, Bankruptcy, Made Millions, And Touched The Lives Of Billions.  He founded Visual Sciences Inc./Panafax, the first publicly traded facsimile company.  Earlier, Scherr held a variety of financial and operating management positions with Litton Industries and Sperry Gyroscope Co.  He also was an executive and board member at Veeco Instruments.  In 2005, Scherr was honored by the United States Congress with a Certificate of Congressional Recognition for his outstanding and invaluable service to the community.  All proceeds from the sale of WALTER’S WAY go to the Center for Discovery (

Trust Across America – Trust Around the World™ is a program of Next Decade, Inc., an award-winning communications firm that has been unraveling and simplifying complex subjects for over 20 years.  TAA-TAW helps organizations build trust through an abundance of resources and ever expanding tools.  It also provides a framework for organizations to improve trustworthy practices, and showcase individuals and organizations exhibiting high levels of trust and integrity.

The full list of honorees, which includes Walter J. Scherr, may be found in the Winter 2016 issue of TRUST! Magazine, sent free of charge to Trust Alliance members.


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